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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Love You Because.....

Here's a story that my mom told me one day, that almost choked me to death.

"Ada penyelia baru kat sini, muda lagi. Rajin sangat orangnye. Aritu kawan mak baru pindah, dia tolong dari pagi sampai petang, sampai nak maghrib pon tolong lagi! Dia tolong angkat barang, pastu dia buat wiring....sampai nak maghrib tu pun sempat dia potong rumput rumah Cik ***** tu. Mak cakap ngan Cik *****, "Bagus budak ni. Elok dibuat menantu" Pastu Cik ***** tu cakap "Tak boleh la kak....gaji dia berapa, gaji Farah tu berapa""

I felt like I choked on my own sulliva, and be the caused of my death. Or felt like to faint on that right moment but considering that I was driving that time, I stay cool. But seriuosly, the words hurt me so much!

So I said to my mom. Simple and brief.

"Adik tak kisah la mak...."


If only they know that material can't buy me. So you have BMW latest series? Impressive! I would love to seat on the passenger side while you take me to the fanciest restaurant in the world. But...if you only have motor kapcai keluaran tempatan, I'd still love to take the ride while you heading to the mamak to eat roti canai. And I won't mind to drive you instead to go to cinema on my expense.

As long as you are responsible enough, know how to work your tulang empat kerat, and caring, I'll you love no matter what number in your savings account.

Note: Hmmm....nak kene cari rumah penyelia tu. Pastu cakap ngan dia "Awak dah ade girlfriend tak? Kalau takde, selamat berkenalan!"

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Mistery is Solved

Last visit to my Granny's house was intensed. Once I step into the house, I felt some unexplained emotion....empty, lost and loneliness struck me.

What have gone wrong? I wonder around the house, trying to find the caused for this uneasy emotion I felt inside. To my dissappointment, I found nothing weird. That, however, not making me anyhow relief, but adding to my worries inside.

After shower that evening, I started my normal routine, watching the news. So I switched on the tv. Haa....this is something new. My Granny's tv was shrinked! Okay, I already spot the different, but I was not feeling anyhow relief. Gosh, what is it?? I screamed inside.

Suddenly I heard someone gave salam outside. Heard that unfimliar voice, I ran to the room, and let my Granny welcome the unexpected guess. Later when I heard the voice gone, I went to the living room and voilah! My Granny's tv was back to the normal size. I was informed that the man came to return the repaired tv. Oww.... Now, everything was back to normal but still, the feeling stayed. Damn!

Later on, my uncle join me in the living room. He started the conversation.

"Wangi sikit rumah atok sejak kucing takde"

Aha! That's it! That's the mystery that lingered me all this time!

"A'ah la...mana semua kucing-kucing atok? Sekor pon tak nampak"

"Pak Uda dah buang"


"Sebab dorang asyik kencing merata-rata. Yang jantan pulak sibuk nak berbini, buat tanda sana sini"

I laughed at my uncle's joke. Yeah, true...the smell is now gone. I must say it was a brilliant decision as my Granny is old enough to do the mopping everyday.

The uneasy, discomfort emotion I felt earlier, gone away that instant. But, new feeling invaded me. I felt like I miss.....yeah, I miss the cats. I miss the feeling when they lingered on my feet to seek comfort. I miss to watch them sleeping right in the middle of the entrance way like nobody's business. I miss to see their faces when I caress them until they fall asleep.


The next morning, I heard my Granny mumbling in the kitchen.

"Ni mesti kucing orang luar ni. Kucing aku dah takde. Kucing aku tak pandai buka tudung saji"

Ok oww.....poor atok. She don't know that late last night, my uncle, my dad and I had a good supper. It was my uncle's fault that he didn't clean up the kitchen after cook the nasi goreng. But hey...shhh..........

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rain, Raining, and Rain

It's raining season right now. Everybody has their own story bout the rain. Mr.Jack posted it already. But it is not because of him I want to write this (xde tiru-tiru de).

Talking bout rain, reminds me of a story when I was in secondary school. During the English class, we were asked to write a "karangan" with the theme "RAIN". Everybody in the class started to write on how the rain is created, or why the rain is important, whatsoever la kn...I'm bad in Science. No wait, I know the process but to explain it in English? Hancur la jawabnye....

So I decided to write a love story. About a girl who stuck in the rain, unfortunate enough that she forgot to bring her umbrella. She cursed the rain. Suddenly came this one guy offering her his umbrella and they walked together in the heavy but somehow beautiful rain. And they live happily ever after... (Ilham dr lagu "Memori Daun Pisang". If I rajin enough, I'll post the whole karangan in this blog-if and only if I can find the school book la. Hehehe)

My teacher was so happy with my 'masterpiece' and decided to post it on the annual school book. I was so proud of myself, excited and overwhlemed at the same time. Towards the end of the year, the whole class was eager to see my karangan inside. Of course my karangan is there, but to my surprise, it stated there "Written by Liana". What the.....???????

So they-whoever they are, decided (or rather making a stupid decision) to put the editor's name as the owner of my, I repeat, MY story. God knows that I felt like to burn every single book they distributed. I swore I want to make that "Liana" eat the whole book. I want to throw the book right in the face of the Head of Editor. Lucky, I didn't................

Well, that's my version of rain. Since then, I donno whether to love or to hate the rain.

But I know I love know, the Korean Singer? My name is Rain........Hakhak!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I don't have the privilege...

Bertuah kalau kita dapat seseorang yang kita boleh share everything...everything...unfortunately, not everybody got the privilege...

Was soooo sad one day. I need to call this one friend, who I knew will understand of what I'm going to share. But to my dissappointment, the call left unanswered. Somehow, I really need someone to hear me. Aku mesej dia....

"You, I sedih...."

"Kenapa sedih ni you?" -Lega rasanya bila ada org concern

"Nothing la...dah nasib I macam ni kot...kene la I hadapi" - Decided not to let dia knows how I felt inside....because dia won't understand...

"Kenapa ni you, kenapa?" - So I decided to share....

After the long explanation, dia answered.......

"Jangan la sedih you...hal kecik je kan..."

Hmm....dah agak dia takkan faham....

"Yeah, hal, you tengah watpe?"

"You, I minta maaf kalau I tak faham you...."

"It's ok..."


Tak lama lepas tu, my phone rang

"Sayang, kenapa? Sorry tadi aku mandi"

" Aku..................." And I burst my tears out

Lega akhirnya dapat luahkan perasaan. Dalam hidup aku, semua orang yang aku kenal penting...let he/she be someone I know just in the cyber world. Aku tak percaya pada istilah "Dialah segala-galanya untuk aku...." or "Aku akan mati tanpanya..." sebab I had all my friends with me. Dengan merekalah aku kumpul kekuatan untuk terus hidup. And Alhamdulillah, Allah faham hamba-Nya yang sorang ni makanya Dia berikan aku kawan-kawan yang setia di sisi.

Monday, November 9, 2009

So many...So little...

So many things to little money to spend. Waaaa.......!!!

Xpe, beli yang penting dulu. Contohnye Astro itu penting, tapi rak tv kurang penting. Kalau takde Astro, tak boleh tengok tv. Tapi kalau takde rak tv, still boleh tengok tv walaupun terpaksa menunduk sebab tv atas lantai.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crying for help

Macam mana ek bila korang marah sangat tapi x boleh nak luahkan?

Nak kongsi bengang ni ngan kawan-kawan tp masalahnye orang yg ak marah ni adalah orang yang ak sayang. Ak taknak buruk-burukkan dia depan kawan-kawan.

Nak marah dia, pangkat dia lebih tinggi dari ak. Derhaka namanya tu.

Nak tegur dia, dia tahu kesilapan dia tu tapi dia taknak berubah.

Nak bercerita dengan orang-orang yang sama-sama rapat dengan dia, ak sendiri pernah buat kesilapan yang lebih teruk. Nanti dorang cakap "Hek eleh, pandai nak sound orang. Dulu dia lagi teruk"

Abes, nak pendam sendiri je ke? Tapi ak marah sangat ni! Adoyai....tolong.....